How to work with stressful Teenagers

 Teenagers are influenced by their peers and they often need to feel part of the group.  They also think that they know everything and as adults we know nothing about what’s going on in their life.

As teenagers grow they test their parents, we all did it at some stage and this is normal.   However, there comes a time where they don’t want to discuss issues with their parents. This too is normal behaviour.

Parents need to learn new ways of open communication with their teenager, and just like their parents, teenagers also need to learn new skills to help them deal with the issues they will face at home, school and eventually the workplace

A lot of the stress that comes from our kids depends on your relationship with them and also your skills as a parent. If you are having problems it doesn’t necessarily mean that your teenager is a bad person, or that you are a bad parent. One of the common errors parents make is to still see their teenager as a child rather than as the young adult they are progressing towards.

At Rockhampton Counselling Services, we will work with parents, teenagers and the young adults to foster understanding and better communication.

Instilling a set of positive behaviours on all sides is encouraged and that improved communication methods are now common practice in the family.

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