A few tips to achieve a happier workplace

A few tips to achieve a happier workplace

Starting for direction in life often begins with a new job.  After a while you realise that the job is not turning out the way you envisioned.  The workloads are getting higher, you’re working longer hours, and management is not quite a supportive as first thought – Sound familiar?

Paul Tyler – Rockhampton Counselling Services, says that even though we think we could never be content at work, we aren’t powerless and can achieve satisfaction. We spend more time at work than we do with our own family. It is vitally important to have a balance and with that, a frame of mind at the workplace is essential to our health and wellbeing.   We do have a say in how we react to the workplace.

It is important not to let workplace stress take hold in the first place, but if it does knowing what do to do, and how to go about changing it is vital.

Paul Tyler says there are some common sense strategies that are useful to consider:

  1. Select the job carefully – Investigate the role – Is it going to meet expectations.  Is the workplace culture workable? The more information you can find out before accepting the job can avoid stress down the track.
  2. Get organised!  Many people are not organised and this can make work harder that it needs to be in many cases. Utilise the employer’s tools and procedures to your benefit.  Use a diary, checklist etc.
  3. Get some fresh air and sunshine – Have breaks! – We all do it “I will just get this finished before lunch” the next thing we know its 5.00 pm and ……“What happened to lunch”.   There is lots of research that suggest getting some fresh air and some good old vitamin D (Sunshine) is good for you.  (Of course be sensible and wear a hat!)
  4. Think about the changes you need to make at work in order to reduce your stress levels and then take action. Some changes you can manage yourself, while others will need the cooperation of others.
  5. Don’t get embroiled in workplace gossip – this is negative behaviour and will only bring negative outcomes.  Think and act positive.  The way we think will impact on the way we feel and act.
  6. Do something good for yourself during the day.
  7. Don’t take work home if at all possible – Your home and family time is valuable – Enjoy it!
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