Depression – A helpful guide for everyone! 


Depression is a very common experience – Most Australians will at some stage in their life experience depression.

What causes it?

Situational factors:

For example, Job loss, relationship stress, death of a family member, role changes.

Biological factors:

Neurotransmitters are chemicals in the brain that communicate the messages between the nerve cells of the brain.  If there is an imbalance in these chemicals then the result can be changes in our behaviour, thought processing and emotions.

Genetic factors:

We do know that depression can run in families and the research shows that those people with a family history of depression can be predisposed to depression at a greater level.

It is often not just one single cause but often a series of events or stressors that can trigger it.


Can teenagers suffer from Depression?

Yes, in today society and the imposts placed on teenagers are becoming greater each year.  Children are no different to adults when it comes to depression:  Some of the issues that may cause depression are:

•Family conflict

•Ending of a relationship

•Family history of Depression


•Pressure at work or school

•Death of a close friend or family member

•Serious medical Illness

•Alcohol or drug use


Symptoms of depression include:

•Poor concentration or Irritability


•Change in diet (Eating more or less)

•Memory loss

•Change in sleeping patterns (unable to sleep or too much sleep)

•Feeling tired all the time

•Thoughts of suicide or dying


•Self-harming behaviours

•Withdrawal from family and friends


It is very important to seek help early if you or one of your family are experiencing any of these symptoms.  You should discuss your concerns with your General Practitioner and seek help as soon as possible.

If you would like to learn more about Adolescent Depression please contact Paul Tyler.

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