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Family Conflict often occurs when two people with opposing points of view come can’t agree.  Some conflict is normal in all relationships at some stage and if handled well doesn’t cause too much concern, however it sometimes does escalate to a point where agreement seems impossible.

We often feel strong emotions when conflict begins to heat up. For many people, it is hard to keep a clear head while experiencing strong feelings. It’s also much harder to listen to the other person’s point of view. Some people aim to ‘win at all costs’. Others want to retreat and hide, either physically and/or emotionally. It’s normal for people to respond differently to conflict – it often has something to do with the way we are brought up. One common thread, however, is that our communication patterns when dealing with conflict can become destructive.

When conflict escalates to a certain point, it becomes almost impossible to consider the other person’s point of view. This might be the time to bring in a third person, such as a counsellor who can assist to work through the issues and help all parties develop new and improved ways of communicating.



Sometimes relationships come to an end for a variety of reasons. During these times communication in the relationship often becomes strained and more challenging.  Most don’t think about counselling as being beneficial at the end of a relationship.  However that is an incorrect assumption. Relationship Counselling can assist couples to end a relationship in an amicable way without the need for stress and conflict.

It is important to remember that counsellors are not there to take sides or to change your minds.

It is our aim to assist in the communication process and facilitate new learning on both sides and achieve an amicable outcome.

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